Alephium Gazette: A Month of Milestones and the Road Ahead

Alephium Gazette: A Month of Milestones and the Road Ahead


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Quick Summary: This blog post recaps the growth and achievements of Alephium Gazette in its first month, including in Twitter followers and multiple content releases across various series. Here we will outline ongoing projects like weekly newsletters and community engagement plans, and previews future goals such as expanding reach and introducing new community-driven initiatives.

A quick message to everyone...

On behalf of the Blockflow Alliance DAO and the team behind Alephium Gazette, we are deeply grateful for your steadfast support! It's truly inspiring to see what we have achieved together in such a brief span.

Alephium Gazette stands as a shining example of our community's shared vision, and as the appointed editor-in-chief, I am deeply thankful to the Blockflow Alliance DAO for giving us this amazing platform.

Achievements in the First Month

Twitter Growth:

From zero to +717 Followers and 164.3K impressions over this 30 day period

12 Blogs posted:

Contests and Giveaways Powered by the Blockflow Alliance DAO, a total of 250 ALPH!

Ongoing Projects

  • We are dedicated to continue issuing Weekly Newsletters, ensuring our community stays informed and engaged with the latest updates and insights.

  • Strategies in place for distributing ALPHAs through thrilling and engaging contests and giveaways, aimed at rewarding our active community members.

  • Initiatives aimed at empowering builders by extending their reach, so they'd be able to continue innovating and create within our ecosystem. This will be done through series of interviews, touch base with teams, sneak peeks and teasers.

What’s Next?

  • Twitter ( Objective for the Upcoming Month: We are setting ambitious targets for the next month, such as doubling our current reach, hitting a milestone of 1500 followers. These goal is designed to expand our influence and engage more actively with our growing audience.

  • Launch of Community Blogs: In an effort to further empower our community, we are excited to introduce Community Blogs. This platform will allow members to share insights, experiences, and stories, fostering a richer dialogue and collaboration within our ecosystem.

  • Builder’s AMA Hosted by Alephium Gazette: To connect our community with thought leaders and innovators, we will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with notable builders in our field. This event, organized by Alephium Gazette, promises to offer invaluable insights and inspiration to all participants.

  • X Spaces: This is a new initiative aimed at providing a dedicated space for innovation and discussion. X Spaces will serve as a hub for creators and thinkers to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what's possible. At some point, we just wanted to ask some questions at the project developers, right?

We are excited about the future and encourage the community to join us in reaching next month's goals. Together, we can continue to make great strides.

I am truly grateful for everyone's dedication and support. Thank you all once again!

I'll see you on the next one!

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