Behind the Code EP4: UseToll, A Deep Dive


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Behind the Code EP4: UseToll, A Deep Dive

Welcome to another episode of Behind the Code! In this article, we will discuss UseToll, a payment service powered by Alephium, offering quick setup without installation and enabling micro-payments. Unlike traditional platforms like Stripe, UseToll simplifies subscription services with anonymous configuration and blockchain transactions. Ideal for content creators and consumers, it supports micropayment models and low fees, making it perfect for news websites, streaming services, and SaaS platforms. Learn how the UseToll works in the context of digital content monetization and possible use-cases.


The subscription-based model has emerged as the dominant business model for content monetization. This space has traditionally been dominated by more mature services such as Stripe that provide reliable solutions for including subscription payments into websites. However, these services are usually associated with a high setup cost and do not allow for very small payments, which is what is required for micro-payments. This is where UseToll comes into play, utilizing the Alephium blockchain to provide an effortless, anonymous, and highly customizable subscription service.

This project started during the Alephium hackathon in March and brings three significant advantages over conventional methods:

  1. Speed: Set up your subscription service in under two minutes.

  2. Simplicity: Avoid complex integrations and administrative overhead.

  3. Anonymity: Maintain privacy with no need for personal information or account creation.

Let’s explore its potential applications and look into how UseToll achieves these breakthroughs.


Traditional subscription services often operate on a monthly billing cycle with significant minimum charges, making them unsuitable for scenarios requiring small, frequent payments. UseToll disrupts this model by enabling true micro-payments, ideal for scenarios where users only need temporary access.

How Micro-Payments Work:

  1. Set Your Rate: Content creators specify their payment address and hourly rate on UseToll. Currently, payments can be made in ALPH or ETH.

  2. Flexible Access: Users can pay as little or as much as they want, gaining access to content based on the amount paid.

  3. Blockchain Efficiency: Unlike traditional gateways that impose substantial fees on each transaction, blockchain-based payments with Alephium enable transactions for mere cents.

For instance, you could pay a few cents to access a news article or use a software tool for an hour, providing unprecedented flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Advantages of Micro-Payments:

  • Affordability: Pay only for what you use without committing to long-term subscriptions.

  • Granular Control: Access content or services on an hourly basis, perfect for short-term needs.

  • Low Fees: Utilize the cost advantages of blockchain technology to make micro-payments viable.

Use Cases

UseToll opens up a plethora of possibilities for different types of digital content and services. Here are a few examples:

  • News Websites: Platforms like CoinDesk could charge for individual articles or access to premium content on an hourly basis.

  • Streaming Services: Pay-per-view models could be extended to pay-per-hour viewing, suitable for movies, sports events, or live streams.

  • SaaS Platforms: Tools like could implement hourly billing for software usage, offering more flexible pricing options for their users.

To see UseToll in action, visit my demonstration site: Codable TV. While most of the content is free, some premium articles require a subscription via UseToll, like this one on room-temperature superconductivity: Revolutionizing Superconductivity.

Now, if you are someone who needs this on your platform, here's how you can implement it:

Quick Setup Without Installation

UseToll fundamentally reimagines the process of setting up subscription services. Unlike traditional platforms like Stripe, which require linking to a corporate account and extensive website integration, UseToll simplifies everything into a quick and anonymous setup process.

How UseToll Works:

  1. Visit UseToll: Go to and enter the necessary parameters for your subscription service.

  2. DNS Configuration: UseToll generates a configuration to be added to your domain’s DNS settings. This acts as a proxy between your content and your visitors.

  3. Subscription Management: Instead of managing subscriptions through user accounts and administrative forms, UseToll uses DNS records to store configuration data and the Alephium blockchain to track subscription transactions.

This method is much simpler compared to the long and complicated process required by Stripe and similar services. With UseToll, you don't need credit cards or user accounts. Blockchain transactions act as proof of subscription, making the process easier for both the content creator and the consumer.

Road Map

As UseToll continues to develop, several exciting enhancements are on the horizon:

  1. Integration with More Blockchains: Expanding to support additional cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin to cater to a broader audience.

  2. Subscription Verification: Improving user experience with client-side verification scripts to ensure seamless access without page reloads.

  3. Automated SSL Configuration: Streamlining the process of setting up SSL certificates for custom domains to enhance security and ease of use.

These updates aim to make UseToll even more accessible and versatile, further simplifying the process of monetizing digital content and services.


UseToll represents a significant leap forward in the realm of subscription services, offering a faster, anonymous, and highly flexible alternative to traditional platforms. By harnessing the power of blockchain, particularly Alephium, UseToll makes it feasible to implement micro-payments and simplifies the setup process dramatically.

For content creators looking to monetize their work with minimal hassle and for consumers seeking more flexible payment options, UseToll is an innovative solution worth exploring. Try it out today at and join the next wave of digital payment evolution.

For more information, please visit their social media channels:

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