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DeFi DApps

1/ CandySwap

Created by the developer of Deadrare and AlephiumANS, they are aiming to release it on the mainnet TODAY.

Testnet: https://website-staging.candyswap.gg/
Whitepaper: https://docs.candyswap.gg/


The newest NFT Marketplace, ALPHAGA, has concluded its public testing phase and will now be closed for a period of 1-2 weeks. Their token is tradeable on AYIN, and you can snag one there.

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/ALPHAGA

3/ DeFi Tooling: Alph.Pro

One of the most utilized tools for portfolio management and DeFi tracking Alph.Pro is now supporting multiple wallets.

Website link: https://alph.pro/


4/ PyrePlay

NFT Gaming Platform PyrePlay released some development updates.

Website link: https://www.pyreplay.com/

5/ Blockchain Debate!!

Tomorrow, Maud will be joining DEC Institute's panel.

6/ Celebrating Ergo Anniversary

Also for tomorrow, Cheng Wang will be celebrating Ergoversary with the core developers to discuss the future of PoW (Proof of Work).

7/ Community Spotlight

We love community articles and blogs! Have you seen the latest tweets from BabyxDDD? They are amazing so please do give a follow! The latest cover was a spotlight for NTV (notrustverif).

8/ Blogs

We have released three blogs in the past couple of days and we've released two articles for ANS or Alephium Name Service and one community blog by RektTradoor covering his favorite grassroots ecosystem token, TOP (404ver).

  1. Behind the Code EP5 Part 1

  2. Behind the Code EP5 Part 2

  3. 404ver: Beyond the Meme

9/ Major Giveaway: Alephium World Challenge

Get a chance to be one of the three winners who will each take home a Nano Ledger S Plus, ALPH and merch! Cameras ready.

Here's the official article for the details: Alephium World Challenge

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