Daily Gazette: JUL.05.2024


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Here are the latest news:

AlephiumANS Launches on Main Net: Mint Your ANS Today!

ANS is now live on the main net. You can mint ANS by locking ALPH and then use the ANS to mint your name! For more details, read the docs here: docs.alphnames.com

cheng.alph: Core Founder Joins the ANS Revolution

Cheng, the core founder, has minted his ANS too! He will also register on other ANS platforms. This is wonderful!

AlphBanX Nears Perfection: 20% to Go!

AlphBanX said they are 20% away from reaching perfection. ๐Ÿš€

NTV (NoTrustVerif) June Report: Alephium Metrics Unveiled

NoTrustVerif presents its June activity report and metrics on Alephium.

Amolyus NFT Roadmap: Exciting Updates Ahead

The ecosystem's favorite NFT, Amolyus is slowly unveiling their roadmap. More details here:

Community Spotlight: BabyxDDD Features Pyreplay

BabyxDDD posted another project spotlight! This time, it's Pyreplay! Check it out here:

Alephium Insights: Your Weekly Visual Summary

Here's a weekly summary in visual format brought to you by Alephium Insights. Thank you good sir!

You're all caught up. Just like Cheng, mint your first ANS and make sure to mint one on the other ANS platforms. Stay in touch and stay updated. See you tomorrow!

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