Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Recap

Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Recap


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This week has been nothing short of amazing. Alephium is growing exponentially, and it’s now harder to keep track of what is happening, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the amazing things that happened this week:


It looks like we are nearing take-off. I'm sure we've all been there before, but really, HOW to get WL?? WEN is the whitelisting??

Want to learn more about $APAD? Visit their website here.


Hate getting rugged? Who doesn’t?! Well, say no more to rug pulls. DogwifBatt is developing a rug sniffer for us!

Please visit their website here!

#3 its404over | $TOP

This is nothing short of a wild surprise. They started a fundraising campaign in Xeggex for $5000 and in no time, $TOP got listed in Xeggex and is now trading live!! This memetoken is poised to be the next $SHIB. It has an awesome community, great price action, and fast execution. Keep in mind, the power lies where people believe it lies (a quote from Game of Thrones). The math is simple:


Please visit their website here!

#4 Rakku | Dextools

Anybody looking for USD price charts for a token? Fret no more. DEXTools for Alephium is finally here!

Head out to Rakku's DexTools and chart like a stock trader on leverage! Ha!

#5 Noodles Token | $NOODZ Launchpad

In addition to the open-source tools they’ve provided us, and the countless airdrops, it looks like their ICO Launchpad is near!! Are you ready for the mania phase?

You can check their website here.

Now, let’s look into the NFT side of the ecosystem...

#6 Pyreplay | Founders’ NFTs

Fugashu is building something that would bring fun and excitement to the community. In light of his mission to the moon, he blasted off with a pyre-sale of the Founder’s NFT. (Pun intended!)

These Founders’ NFTs have utility like an LP (liquidity pool). Find out more here.

#7 What the Duck | $BREAD

The ducks are hungry! And it’s time to get some bread. Just 1 day left and only 20% of the presale tokens is up for grabs.

So, feed it to the ducks? 0xReed says, STEAK IT! (Are you loving the pun? Heh.)

Staking contracts will be enabled shortly after the $BREAD launch. Sheesh!!

Head out to the Duck Lounge now before you run out of bread!

#8 Alph.Pro | Tooling

Do you want to manage your ALPH bag like a pro? Need to track those NFTs too?? HA! Guess what- looks like someone got super busy recently to provide more value to you guys. I believe 0xReed thinks sleep is only for the weak.

Alph.Pro is now tracking Deadrare!!

Head out to their website here and track your portfolio like a pro.

#9 Amolyus | Rockets NFT and $LFG

This is the last, but DEFINITELY not the least!!

They just recently launched the 360 vehicles to the moon and got sold out like nobody wants to stay on Earth anymore. Don’t worry though, you can still snag one at the secondary market. The price, though, has already doubled.

Head out to Deadrare and buy some second-hand rockets!

And oh- they got a surprise for us!

Talers will send it to the moon!

Whew! That was A LOT. Can you still keep up? Are your ALPH bags packed? The Rhone Upgrade is near. And they are such a tease! Ugh! How massive could this upgrade be??

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This is your fellow moonboi Mowreez, 404ver and out! Peach! 🍑

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