Alephium Gazette: The Pulse

Alephium Gazette: The Pulse


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From now on, our weekly newsletter will go hand in hand with Alephium's #EcosystemUpdate. This is going to be an op-ed, so let's dive in.

Let's kick things off by saying there's a whole lot happening in the ecosystem. Everything's unfolding bit by bit, showcasing all the hard work and talent. It's getting tough to keep tabs on every single development, and on how they unfold. So we're here to dish out the coolest highlights from the last update! A little spoiler- we will share 3 of the hottest, spiciest, juiciest news out there. So without further ado-

Lets start with the DApps!

Alephiumbank is now AlphBanX, and they've just dropped their whitepaper.

This elaborate 37-page whitepaper covers everything you need to know. It dives into protocol design, lock-up periods for borrowing, fees, and tokenomics, among other things. If you know MakerDAO, it's pretty much the same setup, but they're using ALPH and throwing in some extra features.

You can view their website here:
And the Whitepaper PDF here: AlphBanx Whitepaper

Ayin ramping their meme game.

From what we're seeing, it looks like the sleeping dragon has finally woken up. Now, there's a Telegram link where you can ask questions and get technical support. Plus, there's another Telegram group just for official AYIN announcements.

Ayin Community Telegram:
Ayin Official Announcement Page:

Betify is showing off their app.

Not much to say right now, but honestly, it's just "sexy!" I mean look!

Alphbet open sourcing from front end to smart contracts.

No Trust Verify (NTV) is really getting back to the first principles of crypto and keeping things fully transparent. They're setting a great example.

Alphpad audit has now completed whitelist sale, and today's public sale!

So it looks like about 10% of the WL tokens weren't fully maxed out, but that's pretty normal since we're all at different stages of investing and let's be honest, having 75 ALPH isn't exactly easy these days. Alphpad, with its public sale coming right after the forfeited whitelisted sale, sold the remaining 5000 ALPH worth $APAD in less than a minute.

$NOODZ Launchpad.

At Alephium Gazette, we strive to keep our readers well-informed. Recently, we have identified what seems to be a flaw in the process. Both the team and community members have advised exercising caution and refraining from interacting with the ICO platform until this issue is resolved.

On the tooling side-

Alph.Pro and RonKDA helping us out track our Defi activities.

It's no secret that I track all my DeFi activities, (as we all should), and in the heart of coding, which is solving problems- now we don't have to worry about the tedious daily updating of our excel files and looking at price from various sources just to get an overview of our portfolio's performance. Now you drop all the hassle by either linking your wallet or just pasting your addy with Alph.Pro. Plus, RonKDA is doing an awesome job keeping things easy by tracking your AYIN/ALPH LP and ALPH/USDT LP for you.tool. One problem solved at a time, in a distributed manner. 👏

Here's the link:

ALPHpaca first ralph programming language video tutorial is out.

So, right at the core of coding, which is all about solving problems, we now have video tutorials for the Ralph Programming language. The first episode just dropped! If you've got a project you've been wanting to start, just point your coder buddies to his YouTube channel—it'll really help speed things up.

On the hottest NFTs-

Amolyus presenting their DAO blueprint.

This project has been doing great things recently. From cooking ideas, voting, to swift and flawless execution- this project now presents their plan into becoming in what appears to be a DAO goverened by Talers, $LFG and Rockets.

Fugashu made some updates with Pyreplay.

Just a few days after dropping the official announcement and the whitepaper, Fugashu has really stepped up their game with both the frontend and backend! They've even teased in the "Upcoming" section that they're about to kick off game development for Battleship. And nope, it wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger who told us to sleep less—it was Fugashu!

Rakku's NFT collection is still minting.

The minting is still live with 25% of the collection already sold. What's in the works since the NFT mint is nothing short awesome. They have been approved for the AWS Startup Activate Program! This will enable us to scale our infrastructure to provide a better UX for our apps!

Then we go to the memes!

Okay, for this one- since we've got a lot to cover and the blog is going to be longer than usual, I'm excited to let you know that our series of Memeingful Tokens will also get weekly updates! So buckle up, folks!

On to the latest news!

Bitget listing

Bitget, boasting 1.3M Twitter followers, kicks off trading on April 20 at 8:00 AM UTC. BOOM!

Alright- now you're wondering. Where is the 3 hottest news? It's here! So just a little game of easter egg on this blog, using the Twitter thread. Name the TOP 3 spiciest, juiciest news! The first one to get it, there is a 10 ALPH reward!

Oh, more give giveaways you say?


Thank you for joining us today! I know you're excited on our next update, so I'll see all there.


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