Behind the Code EP1: Unmasking the Masterminds of Adoption EP1


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In this interview, Redonder, also known as ZK, Waldi, or Zkitbeats, shares his journey into the blockchain space, focusing on his investment in Alephium. As a member of the Blockflow Alliance DAO, he discusses his current focus and the importance of community involvement in Alephium's growth. Redonder also introduces his memetoken project $TOP, emphasizing the role of memetokens in the crypto ecosystem and his vision for its contribution to Alephium.

  1. Redonder, thanks for accepting this interview. You’re known by a few cool monikers like Waldi and Zkitbeats. Which one do you prefer the community and readers to call you?

    I like ZK the most. It's short and sounds cool, but I'm okay with Waldi or Zkitbeats too.

  2. Tell us about your journey into the world of blockchain and what led you to invest in Alephium?

    In the last 15 years I heard of Bitcoin here and there but my journey started in 2021. A friend at work was talking about crypto, the next day I downloaded the Binance App and started to spent a lot of time on telegram where I learned how to research coins. Then I found kas pretty early and everyone was like: It's POW, it has no chance and it's a risky invest. I spent every day in Discord and followed every discussion because I was fascinated to be a part of a community where everyone has a voice and can help to make it big. I learned a lot there and after the merge I was looking for another POW chain. Again, a lot of people said POW is dead but I saw potential in it. Alephium was at 2M mcap, and I wanted to be part of an early stage project. I liked the team, their work, the community and began to learn what alephium is. To be honest, not a lot of people paid attention to alph, it was a struggle and it makes me happy to see where we are now (especially for this great team).

  3. As a previous member of the Blockflow Alliance DAO, what are the core objectives that you’re currently focusing on within the Alephium ecosystem?

    At the moment I'm not involved that much in the DAO because I'm too busy in real life but I still have contact with the guys. My focus atm is my own project and just have a bit of fun with it and of course I try to follow what's happening here and there and help to spread the word.

  4. What role do you see for Blockflow Alliance in shaping the future of Alephium?

    An important one for sure. They structure the DAO to a SUB DAO atm. It was necessary because you cant handle this growth with 5-6 members with full time jobs. Its good to have community members with skills like you who can work on different topics like mining, development or awareness. I think as individual of a community it is great if you have an idea that can be funded and helps to grow Alephium.

  5. Turning to the memetoken $TOP, what attracted you to creating this particular project, and how do you differentiate between a promising memetoken and a passing fad?

    I wanted to be a part of something early again and I don't really invest in other ecosystems. I was thinking about joining another project on alph but did my own thing. I followed the launch of Mira and bought some of it and after a few days I just started my own project because I liked it.

    I think even if some people don't like them. Every chain should have memetokens, it´s a part of crypto. The more tokens with real communities behind it the better. TOP isn't just a meme for ALPH holders or its Ecosystem, it is made to get attention in the whole memespace and get more eyes and people to alph. I have no clue where it will be in 1-2 years, its still an experiment but other dApps on ALPH can implement it to, but we´ll see what the future will bring.

  6. In your view, how does $TOP contribute to the memetoken ecosystem, and what potential do you see for its growth and adoption?

    I never invested in memetokens before and its new for me too but memes are a part of crypto as I said, they just have their own cycle, they are in the market since the early days and they will stay. I think people don't like memes because a dogcoin has a higher mcap than the coin they bought or because there were some rugs, but memes aren't bad, I learned this too.

  7. The community sees you as Alephium’s ‘Crypto King’ due to your significant contributions and unwavering conviction. How do you envision your role evolving as part of the community in the coming years?

    I don't see me as a Crypto King or something else. I don't know, I´m in the space since 3 years and other people like the alph team are the real kings of Alephium. I'm just a hodler who invested a lot of time in ALPH and I knew one day its time will come and things are starting now. That's great for everyone who is early in ALPH.

    I don't know what the future brings but I see my role as the same as today.

  8. What advice would you give to new investors looking to get involved with Alephium, its associated projects, or in community projects like $TOP?

    I would just say to check out the great community and hang out with us, ask questions if you need any help. Download the Wallet, go to and check out what is going on. Medium articles, FAQ... there is a lot of info about alph and its taking time to do the research. Watch an AMA of the team, check out the DEX Ayin, Deadrare or if you like memes go to and see if you like any of it. I would always recommend to spend some time on a ecosystem before you ape your money into it, but in any way, Alephium is a great project.

  9. Lastly, do you have any message or words of wisdom you’d like to share with the community?

    Enjoy the Summer and don't spent too much time on social media and take care of your health and yeah, we can make it to the TOP.

Zk, it's been such a pleasure chatting with you today! Your stories and insights have truly shed some light on things, and I bet our readers are going to find them super helpful. We're all excited to see where your journey takes you next and are cheering you on from the sidelines. A huge thanks for hanging out with us. Wishing you nothing but the best!

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