Daily Gazette: JUL.02.2024


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"Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation." - Seneca the Younger

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Here are the latest news scoop over the past 24 hours:


Timothy just recently unveiled their Staking Dashboard. From the comment section, main net can go live in three months if there are no issues. It is no secret that they are partnering up with AlphPad for their token sale.

@Ron_Kda's LP Tool

Ron has added new AYIN pools for tracking.


Ron also found Deadrare's token generation. Nice catch!


ICYMI: The updated Ralph security checklist is here. Devs can do self audit prior to submitting their codes to Cheng.


TOP, one of the most active meme token in the space, casually burning 105,870 tokens.


Speaking of the TOP token, the creator Redonder is running a HUGE giveaway! Check out the details here:

Alephium World Challenge

More giveaways! ALPH Ledger Integration is underway. In light of this milestone, we are running a giveaway. Join us! Take a photo of the Alephium logo in your favorite place and share it! Check out the official article for details:

Blogs and Articles

A 6 month old post by Gunslinger (G x G) resurfacing to explain Alephium at 10k TPS.


We've recently posted the final episode of the name service saga. Enjoy the interview!

Community Highlights

BabyxDDD posted another article explaining what CandySwap is! Learning about it today will prepare you to seize opportunities in the future. Here is the article:

Actually, if you just came in today, you might as well grab some ecosystem highlights from her Twitter posts. We've onboarded her into the Alephium Gazette Community Bloggers to archive all of these in English and Arabic! Check the thread here.

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