Daily Gazette: Monday News Scoop


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Good Morning and Happy Monday! It's the first day of the month, and there's no better way to start it than with the latest updates from the Daily Gazette. We've got a lot of exciting news to share with you today. Here are some of the top stories and fresh scoops that you won't want to miss:



CandySwap is now Live on Main net! You may now set limit orders on your favorite tokens! Start trading now https://candyswap.gg

House of Chimera

Surge in daily transactions on Alephium captured by House of Chimera.

Ledger Wallet

Ledger Integration is getting reviewed.

Alephium World Challenge

Speaking of Ledger, don't miss our biggest giveaway! Sponsored by the Blockflow Alliance DAO, it's the Alephium World Challenge! Entries are coming in fast. Don't miss out. Check out the official article for details: Alephium World Challenge

Alephium Wallets

Still on wallets, check out the latest releases and make sure your Alephium Wallet is up to date.

Blockchain Debate with Maud

Get ready for some insightful discussions! This will be today at 3:30 PM in Zürich, which corresponds to 9:30 AM EDT. Just a few minutes away.

Celebrating Ergoversary

After that, if you still have time, let's celebrate with the Ergo family at their Ergoversary with Cheng Wang to discuss the future of Proof of Work. It is set for 6:00 PM CET, which corresponds to 12:00 PM (noon) EDT.


Some News Scoop. AlphBanX is excited on CandySwap's launch and would love to collab. This is a big partnership if it materializes as it adds another layer of stability to ABD (AlphBanX Dollar) in maintaining the peg.

Alephium Name Service

@AlphNameService posted a new article detailing the developments over the past two weeks and unveiling partnerships that were forged.

Seven Club

Seven Club announced the results of their second Alephium Community Vote and they have chosen their favorite NFT project. And its none other than Amolyus! Congratulations!

Community Highlights

Kira posted a thread on his favorite NFT! Guess which one? It is Amolyus! Please check out the awesome thread! And thank you kira!!

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