Daily Gazette: JUL.08.2024


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As the week begins, it is important to focus on more than just price discussions. As a trader, I understand the appeal of price talks. However, the value is far more significant. In the world of cryptocurrency, value does not always correlate with price.

Here are some of the latest news updates that I believe will provide you with an advantage when evaluating Alephium:


Season 1 begins today! Note: All ALPH trading fees for the first 60 days will be distributed to CANDY token holders!


What's the best thing todo when markets are crashing? BUIDL!


In light of the successful name service launch on Alephium, AlephiumANS, AlephiumWhale is running a giveaway. 400 ANS per winner!


The same project shared a document on how to integrate ANS into dApps.

Since their launch (July 5th), they have minted 500 names! I wonder how much ALPH was locked for these names..πŸ€”

Ralph LSP (Language Server Protocol)

LSP stands for Language Server Protocol. It’s a protocol used to provide language-specific features like code completion, go-to definition, and diagnostics in a standardized way, making it easier to integrate these features into different development environments.


Alphaga, a decentralized NFT Marketplace is flexing their activity page! πŸš€

And their collection page too!


Another naming solution, has shared some insights! The Beta is becoming more stable, with many fixes and improvements so far. They will be open-sourcing their code and will undergo an audit by both the core Alephium team and a third-party auditor!

Amolyus Roadmap Reveal

  1. Launch a dedicated platform for digital and crypto art collections! (Including the first NFT collection to bridge) ETA: Q3 2024

  2. Launch specialized bots for DAO governance and bot lending

  3. Establish LFD (Linked Framework DAO)

  4. Release the first flagship game! ETA: Q4 2024

Web3 Global Talks: Spaces with Maud. Today, 9PM CET

#ETHCC VIP Dinner with Alephium (Tomorrow at Bruxels)


More spaces! Maud Bannwart will be at MiningTk this evening. They will talk about Alephium's tech, ecosystem and future!


  1. CandySwap Season 1 starts today, with ALPH trading fees distributed to CANDY token holders for the first 60 days.

  2. AlphBanX continues development.

  3. AlephiumWhale is hosting an AlephiumANS giveaway.

  4. AlephiumANS shared a guide for integrating ANS into dApps.

  5. Ralph LSP is ready for use. Alphaga showcases their activity page. AlphNameService is stabilizing their Beta, planning to open-source their code and undergo audits.

  6. Amolyus reveals their roadmap, including a digital art platform, DAO governance bots, LFD establishment, and a flagship game release.

  7. Web3 Global Talks with Maud is at 9PM CET.

  8. ETHCC VIP Dinner with Alephium is tomorrow in Brussels.

  9. Spaces with Maud and MiningTK

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