Daily Gazette: JUL.10.2024


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I understand many of you will be tuning in to Fed Chair Powell's speech later. However, before that, I would like to provide an update on the #AlephiumEcosystem.

First lets talk about Project Updates:


The AYIN Collective has announced the end of Phase 1! Are you ready for Phase 2? (Answer: nobody is!)

Here are some of AYIN's achievements in a very short period of time:

Including 8 MASSIVE pools!


I know you're all missing Rakku. He was busy building.


The most popular NFT collection in Alephium, Amolyus, has recently been unveiling its Roadmap, ala-AYIN style! The latest post is about a decentralized marketplace for trading with the LFG token!

ANS (AlphNameService)

Whitelist registration is now open on ALPHPAD! Secure your names now!

Here's ALPHPAD's follow-up announcement:

Spaces with Elexium Finance!

It's 1500 GMT, Thursday, July 11. The speakers are ChengisWang, Walter, Maud, Alphpad, Dr. Hiram, Dr. Jekyl, Digger, and Ryan! You don't want to miss this!

On to ALPH blogs, articles, and tutorials!


Notrustverif made a very insightful thread about a hack that plagued ETH for a very long time. Learn what it is and how Alephium solved it.

How to ALPH node on MAC OS by Benjamin

BlockFlow Spotlight

Have you seen Baby's articles recently? These are massive articles that you can share to spread more awareness about ALPH. Check this out:

Did you tune in to the X spaces with Maud on Web3 Global Talks? Don't worry, I got you.

You're all caught up! If you have massive news and updates make sure to DM me so we don't miss it. Thank you and see you tomorrow! ☕

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