Introducing the Alephium Gazette

Introducing the Alephium Gazette

Your Premier Source for Ecosystem Updates


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Hello, Alephium Community!

I’m Mowreez, a dedicated member of this vibrant community and your guide to all things Alephium. I’m excited to introduce you to the Alephium Gazette, a platform designed to keep you informed about the latest developments, advancements, and happenings within the Alephium ecosystem. Think of it as your daily newspaper, but without the paper cuts!

Who am I?

You might know me from my Twitter handle trdrmorz, where I document my DeFi activities and share my positions. I’m passionate about cryptocurrency and believe in the power of sharing knowledge and fostering a sense of community.

What do I do?

As the manager of the Alephium Gazette, I will be bringing you in-depth articles, insightful analyses, and thought-provoking commentary on all things Alephium. My goal is to provide you with comprehensive coverage and engaging content that enriches your understanding of the Alephium ecosystem. I encourage everyone to keep me informed with anything Alephium! Yes, those alphas! Share with me your thoughts, insights, the project that you’re working on, and the updates that you’d like to share with the community.

The goal is to expand our reach not only to community members but also to everyone who’s keeping tabs and is still on the sidelines. With that said, you can reach out to me via Discord (mowreez) or Telegram ( You can also tag me in group chats and even add me to your exclusive groups! Soon as this evolves, we might even have a special channel at the official Alephium discord. We’ll see how it will play out but I need your help!

What to expect?

Expect regular updates on the Alephium ecosystem, including weekly newsletters, detailed reports on projects and dApps built on Alephium, technical analysis (but no price talk), and more. I’ll also be sharing my own experiences and insights, and maybe turn updates into actionable strategies. And I encourage you to share yours too!

Stay connected with us for real-time updates, announcements, and engaging discussions. Follow us on Twitter at and join the conversation (and don’t forget to hit the bell icon!). Let's make this big! I’ll see you around.