Memeingful Tokens EP2: A Deep Dive into the Ecosystem.

Exploring the Intricacies of the Meme Ecosystem.


5 min read

Explore the top 5 meme tokens on Alephium based on their trading volume over the last 24 hours, highlighting their market activity, liquidity, and unique stories.

We all know that every big chain has its star meme token. Meme tokens are a hit for many reasons. They're fun, they let people try out new ideas, they bring folks together, and let's not forget the wild price swings.

Sifting through the rubbles is no easy task. Afterall, most of them will end up being a remnant of the past. A war shell that failed to explode.

As we discussed before on our previous article, Strategic Crypto Investing, investing in Decentralized Applications (DApps) is fundamentally different from investing in NFTs and meme tokens. The due diligence needed is much extensive than just finding the right DApp for the bull run.

As your friendly neighborhood, I'd like to cover all tokens in the ecosystem- however, there is always this inherent risk of empowering the bad actors by giving them an exposure. Afterall, we are doomed to see what the bad actors wanted us to see.

I've come up with a few shortcuts to make things easier. Instead of digging through every meme token out there, we'll focus on the ones that are getting the most attention. After all, that's the whole point, right? Also, we definitely don't want to end up trading against the token creator and his multiple wallets, do we?

Well, for better or worse- I have ranked all the meme tokens by trading volume which has traded in the past 24 hours. I used to get this information, copy pasted it in excel file, and sorted the volume column. Keep in mind, if a token isn't being used for a deployed defi app right now, we're including them into the list. No hard feelings to any project, but that's just how I'm keeping things simple.

With that out of the way, here are the Top 5 Meme Tokens on Alephium based on their trading volume in the last 24 hours, with at least $10,000 liquidity.

Number 5 - $ALF

24H Volume: $1,300
Liquidity: $15,400
Market Cap: $84,100

Story: $ALF was created by an OG. Airdropped it to the community over a month-long period. From what I'm told, the airdrop is what's called OG ALF now. The problem with it was the supply is only 100 and there are no decimals. So when ayin went live, it was impossible to trade it. It was swapped out with what we know now as $ALF with a larger supply by airdropping OG ALF hodlers. Yes, this is our first meme token.

Number 4 - $NGU

24H Volume: $2,600
Liquidity: $147,800
Market Cap: $506,300

Story: Oh, we covered them on our first episode. If you want to give it a good read, click here.

Number 3 - $BREAD

24H Volume: $7,300
Liquidity: $31,440
Market Cap: $81,180

Story: The $BREAD token is being used as a wager in the NFT game What The Duck, developed by 0xReed (, who is also the creator behind Alph.Pro. The token underwent its presale, followed by a decentralized exchange launch, and subsequently, single staking was initiated on their website.

Number 2 - $WANG

24H Volume: $9,100
Liquidity: $54,000
Market Cap: $3,630,000

Story: Well, the creator refuses to call this a meme token. This happens to be the first mystical currency to be launched on blockchain. Of course, I believe that! I mean, the project has $3.6M mcap with just $54,000 liquidity. That's like Genghis Khan conquering the Rus with a few horses and just powerful tactics.

Erratum: As per the community, the reflected MCAP from Mobula is no longer accurate as 4.5M from the original 6M tokens were burned. Leaving them with 1.5M tokens in circulation, with a market cap of $899,250.

See this TX:

Number 1 - $TOP

24H Volume: $24,800
Liquidity: $166,700
Market Cap: $527,655

Story: This meme craze was created by Zk, ( Their project depicts a Zombie with a chihuahua. The zombie was a former Luna investor, and lost it all. Now he's back from the dead, with the hopes that he'll make it this time with $TOP.

Alright, where to find those? You asked. Well- just for this series alone, I will let you DYOR so you learn how to do it. Again, the meme side of moon is the dark side. I encourage you to embrace first the power of darkness before harnessing it.

That's it for today frens! Thank you and see you on the next one.

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