404ver: Beyond the Meme

404ver: Beyond the Meme

There are 50+ meme coins on AYIN DeX currently. And many among them are a ghost town. But I found a project where the vibe and community never died since the day of launch. Guessed the name yet? I am talking about 404ver.


It all started from a man with vision and a crazy knowledge on investments goes by the name Redonder.

Who is he?

Redonder donated 41M $KAS (~$350k) to the Rust fund (41% of the total) in its early stages, which is now worth $2,523,080 at today's price of $0.1802. He supported ALPH when it wasn’t a thing. And TOP is the first meme project incubated by him. His intentions weren’t about making money for himself. But to make a vibrant community on ALPH chain where the fun and vibe continues to flow on a green and red days.

I could pretty much say that TOP is on the correct path to achieve what it dreamed to be.

My observations.

  1. 24x7 activities.

    To be honest, I have never seen any project keeping its’ community this much engaged on different activities over and over again. If you’re bored, just scroll their page. You might find something to engage and earn a hefty amount of money.

    They have conducted several trading challenges partnering with ALPH Trading Bot and ran NFT giveaways with Alph_Dragon. They hosted many random giveaways for engaging on their channels. Conducted “poker nights” with large pools of rewards. And this is the hot event currently going on there.

  2. Partnerships.

    TOP is partnered with almost all major projects on Alephium. It’s just not a collab with a banner and some nice words. But they would help to host giveaways and take part in their events making the project reach more heights.

  3. Quality memes.

    The meme character behind TOP is a character named JIMMY. Their meme videos are really entertaining and has a cool concept.

    Don’t believe me? Watch this meme.

  4. Rewarding NFT collection.

    There are 2 NFT collections connected to the TOP ecosystem. Which will reward the holders after certain events. So the holders get extra rewards on top of owning a cool zombie NFT.

  5. Dedicated team.

    I’ve seen many times that team has been burning their own funds. This depicts the longevity of the project and their dedication towards the project’s success. This is the burning event that took place recently.

  6. Never ending vibes.

    With the back to back activities, engaging funny memes and a wholesome friendly community, the cool vibes around TOP is Never Ending.

That’s all for this thread. I hope you gained an idea about $TOP. Join their competitions if you want some extra bucks. If you like this type of content. Follow me here and on Twitter.

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