And WTH is CandySwap?


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And WTH is CandySwap?

CandySwap is an Order Book DEX (or also known as Central Limit Order Book DEX as discussed in this article: WTF is a CLOB DEX?) built on Alephium blockchain where users can place buy & sell orders for an asset at a set price.



Set Limit Orders to purchase or sell assets at a specified price.


Specify the token amount and your price in $ALPH, then place your order! Your bid will be added to the Order Book and matched with a sell order if available.


Enter the token amount and your asking price, then place your order! Your offer will be added to the Order Book and matched with a buy order if available.

Note: Trades may take time to complete as they need to match with another user. You can withdraw your order anytime. Withdrawing halfway through is also supported by the DEX; this is also known as a Partial Fill.


A list of tokens on the DEX, featuring a dashboard with details on price, trading volume, order book, depth chart, and completed swaps.


Token Listing and Meme Coin Generator platforms allow anyone to easily create and list their coin without needing any liquidity upfront.

💼My Wallet

Wallet overview of held assets that are listed on CandySwap, including history of past executed Orders & successful Swaps.


CandySwap offers a great DeFi level of order book trades & swaps directly on Alephium's blockchain without having to rely on a centralized exchange(CEX).

This provides users with enhanced security via decentralization, full transparency of on-blockchain transactions, and naturally reduced fees.




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