Behind the Code EP3: Alephium Battle


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Behind the Code EP3: Alephium Battle

Alephium Battle has officially opened registration for its very first tournament, inviting players from around the world to participate in this exciting event. As of now, there have been 202 fighting cards minted, each representing unique traits and strategies for the game. However, there are still 83 cards yet to be minted, providing a great opportunity for new players to get involved and expand their collections. These remaining cards can be minted on Deadrare, a platform dedicated for ALPH NFT collections. This tournament promises to be a thrilling experience, showcasing the diverse and dynamic gameplay that Alephium Battle has to offer..

With that said, we took the initiative to reach out to Alephium Battle to request an exclusive interview. Our goal was to gain deeper insights into the development process, the inspiration behind the game, and the unique features that set it apart from other tournaments. We were eager to hear from the creators about their vision for the future of Alephium Battle and how they plan to engage the community further. This interview promises to provide valuable information and behind-the-scenes details that will excite both current players and newcomers alike.

Here's the interview:

Hi, thanks for accepting our interview! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background? How many people are on your team? How did you first get involved in the crypto world, and how did you discover Alephium? What inspired you to start building on Alephium?

Hi, I'm AltoGatito, community manager and one of the developers of Alephium Battle. We are a team of three: Lolonets (developer), Emmi (UX/UI), and myself. I started in crypto during the pandemic, thanks to ETH mining. I came across Alephium because it is POW, which I mined for a long time. My interest in Alephium started when I saw there was an ecosystem behind one of the many POWs and that developing on it was much more accessible than on others.

What inspired you to develop this project? Do you tend to replicate Splinterland's success? Could you share the story behind its inception and how it evolved over time?

I love TCGs, whether Magic or Pokemon. I didn't know about Splinterlands until you asked the question. The idea is to have a real game, not something that dies quickly like most crypto games.

For those who might not be familiar with Alephium Battle, could you provide an overview? How does the game work? What are the rewards for winning the tournament?

It's a turn-based card game. In this first tournament, a battle simulation will run to determine the winner. We don't want to announce prizes yet; we want to do so when people can start subscribing to the tournament.

What do you consider Alephium’s standout feature?

The fact that it's POW is something I've always liked, despite the energy consumption. The ASICs help with that. Another standout feature is the good developer community that's forming.

One of the most complex tasks is creating a script that simulates the battles and then implementing it to run in a tournament. We didn't have many problems with Alephium; there's a lot of help, and Alephium evolves very well.

Looking ahead, how do you envision Alephium Battle evolving? Are there any upcoming features or improvements that users can look forward to? Are we to expect v2 of the collection? What’s on the roadmap?

I imagine it as a very good card game! Interactive, balanced, and with various metas. The closest improvement is the introduction of Runes, which will be one of the first things to modify how the cards interact. There will probably be a v2 of the cards, but we aim for all the cards to remain usable.

Any advice or words of wisdom you’d like to share with individuals new to the crypto space? What should they keep in mind as they explore this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry?

The first piece of advice is to take care of your wallet. Crypto is a pretty aggressive ecosystem, and you should always stay updated on the projects you're interested in.

Thank you for your time, AltoGatito. I have minted many of your NFTs and truly appreciate the creativity and effort you put into them. I believe I can now call myself a fan of your work. Your insights into the development process and future plans for Alephium Battle are incredibly exciting. I look forward to seeing how the introduction of Runes and the potential v2 of the cards will enhance the game.

See you at the tournament!

To our readers, if you want to participate in the battle, check out their whitepaper here: You can snag one of these babies here:

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