Memeingful Tokens EP1:  $NGU

Memeingful Tokens EP1: $NGU

The first meme-token to attain a $2 million valuation on the Alephium blockchain.


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Dive into the story of $NGU, a deflationary token on the Alephium Blockchain, aiming for organic growth and innovation in the crypto space. With a focus on community, $NGU has achieved a 2M market cap milestone and plans for automated trading signals and Launchpad as a Service (LaaS). Originating from a collective of investors and spearheaded by Elvis, $NGU's creation was driven by the desire to share a successful trading system with the wider crypto community. Through automation and community engagement, $NGU seeks to empower traders and contribute to the blockchain ecosystem.

Project Name: NUMBER GO UP

Total Supply: 7,777,777 $NGU
Allocation of Supply:

  • 97% of the total supply was allocated to donor ownership as an LP token for one year.

  • 3% was set aside for marketing.


  • Signal Buying

  • Competitive Trading

  • Betting on Pro Trader's Trades

  • Launchpad as a Service (LaaS)

Now let's get into the interview.

1. Thanks for accepting this interview, could you share with us the origin story of $NGU and what inspired its creation?

"Number Go Up ($NGU) originated from a collective of OG degen investors who sought to create a unique space within the crypto world. Initially, their rapid expansion led to challenges, prompting a strategic reset. The community, spearheaded by a crypto enthusiast named Elvis, regrouped with a focus on organic growth. They cultivated a hub for seasoned traders and enthusiasts to exchange strategies, eventually developing an automated signals system known as ngu-signals. Recognizing the potential for broader impact, Elvis ( initiated the creation of the $NGU Token by contacting Benjamin (, another member of the discord server who was already familiar with writing Smart Contracts on the Alephium Blockchain. This marked the start of a new chapter in their journey."

2. What long-term impact do you see $NGU will have on the blockchain ecosystem?

"$NGU aims to put an already established 80%+ Win Rate crypto trading system (ngu-signals) into the hands of every person who trades or wants to learn to trade crypto."

3. What strategies are in place to ensure $NGU achieves its vision, and how will you measure success?

"We have a developer who will work to automate ngu-signals. Once automated, the team will move to turn ngu-signals into a dapp that can be access on any device, and will empower every crypto trader to win 80%+ of their crypto trades."

4. What recent milestone or development within the $NGU project has you most excited?

"The most exciting event was $NGU being the first project token on Alephium to reach 2M mcap. Looking forward, one of the most exiting developments we are looking forward to implementing is an on-chain voting system in which to leverage for future community polling and input. We are also looking forward to our first ever LaaS (Launchpad as a Service) project in Q2."

5. As a prominent figure in the Alephium ecosystem, what key message or insight would you like to impart to the community?

"Growing can be painful and has it's challenges, but it's the community that makes the difference. Listen to those who have been with you along the way, and heed their advice. You won't be able to make everyone happy all of the time, especially when the price is down, but as long as you keep moving forward and stay on the path that your community agrees with, you can make it through any rough patch."

To the $NGU team- Thank you for taking the time to share your story and insights with us today. Your perspectives have been refreshing, and I’m sure our readers will find them valuable. We look forward to seeing your future endeavours and wish you all the best. Thank you once again.

And to our readers-

If you like to join the NGU community, links below are their official socials:

If you're interested in getting some $NGU tokens,

  1. Download your preferred ALPH wallet from the official website. (Choices include Mobile, Desktop, and extension wallets)

  2. Buy ALPH (native) from any central exchange and move it to your mobile wallet. (Alephium is a sharded blockchain so make sure that you are sending it on a group zero wallet. For now, all dapps are deployed on group 0.)

  3. Visit

  4. Click the connect button, choose how you want to connect, and then sign the Request to Connect.

  5. Once connected, select ALPH to NGU in the dropdowns.

  6. Type in how much ALPH you want to swap.

  7. Press the swap button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Thank you for joining us today. See you on the next episode!

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