The Diary of an ALPH Hodler: A Journey of Conviction


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The Diary of an ALPH Hodler: A Journey of Conviction

In this article, I share my journey of investing in ALPH during a challenging bear market, driven by personal conviction and thorough research. Despite financial constraints and the absence of mentors, I made strategic moves that significantly grew my portfolio. I emphasize the importance of community, fundamentals, and hope in navigating the volatile crypto landscape, while cautioning against blind faith and the pitfalls of following trends without proper analysis.

Nobody Held My Hand

When I bought ALPH under $0.20, there were no mentors guiding me. It was a decision I had to make for myself. Matter of fact, everything was against all odds. Income was really low. I got big expenses coming including some booked travel flights. You know, I still got a life to live and the bear was really tough. To many, it would feel like a gamble—a leap of faith. But to me, It was completely different. It was electric. I rotated my assets into ALPH, making it my largest holding. The ETH bridge had just launched, and I have zero fiat. I even remember not being able to buy myself a good mobile phone. My gf bought a new Galaxy S23 ULTRA, and I, despite being able to purchase it, held on to my old Xiaomi RedMi Note 8. I remember having 14,500+ ALPH tho and I was very very happy.

Side note: Jeez, look at that.. I even bought ERG's bottom at $0.88. I didn't get the Twitter handle @trdrmorz for no reason. 💪

The ALPH Season Approaches

I wish I could’ve stacked more before it hit $1.00, right before the MEXC listing. I knew it would end up profitable anyways—even at 5 times my average purchase. My gf did tho, after realizing she could've bought 5x more S23 ultra had she bought ALPH instead.

Despite not being able to stack some more using fiat, I managed to accumulate more ALPH as I kept myself updated in the ecosystem, and continuously making my own analysis. Most of you remember me analyzing AYIN. It went from $12-$30. Called it.

Today, I currently hold 17,800 ALPH plus 2,600 ALPH in NFTs and LPs. My portfolio grew from $2,900 to $78,000 at its peak. Now, it’s worth $36,000—a wild ride indeed.

The Decision That Stuck

None of this price action made me second-guess my choice. I had already decided during the depths of the bear market that I’d hold until we reached the top 20. I would increase my stack until I had enough. Call me stubborn, but it was about conviction—not blind conviction, mind you. I had reasons, strong ones, based on my own research, not anyone else's.

What Made Me Swap

One fateful day, during the depths of the bear market when everyone was struggling, I came across Zkbeats' post and discovered ALPHa Apes. I was so impressed with this guy who was just casually running an APE naming campaign. He was like, "Hey, want your name to be included in the blockchain? HMU" Not his exact words, but you get the idea. To cut the story short, I felt welcomed; the community was vibrant, and the transaction speed was incredibly fast for a PoW chain. I was sure my transaction from to purchasing the APE on Deadrare took less than 5 minutes, including the clicks. At first, I thought I just got lucky with a quick block on my first transaction, but I later learned that the network was averaging 400 TPS. I said to myself, "Oh, so that's how 400 TPS feels like... Amazing."

I swapped my BTC to ERG and ERG to ALPH. It wasn’t blind faith. It was research, comparative analysis, and gut feeling. I felt right there, this will be bigger than ERG, then later, bigger than ETC. And that was already enough for me to make the swap.

The Zero-Advantage Game

I saw ALPH when it was at top #947 at Coingecko, a mere $7 million market cap. It had dumped hard—unimaginable. The newbies have capitulated. The common people were just trading the charts, crying, licking their wounds without looking under the hood. Surely, they were definitely following fin-influencers blindly and not doing their own research.

I realized that if I played that game, I’d lose. Zero advantage. So, I dedicated 2 to 4 hours time every single day to dig deeper. I need to consider what was happening beyond the price charts. I questioned everything. And I made my move.

Don't believe me? Just look at this screenshot I took from my phone. That $ZEPH token was top #300 back then when ALPH was #947. Go find ZEPH and let me know if the drama has subsided. And what even is $BLUR at top #90?

The Emotion That Drove Me

I worked hard for me to come up with a solid conclusion. I strived hard to see beyond the noise. I knew it wasn’t just about the charts; it had to be about the fundamentals, the vision, and the special sauce.

I was watching ALL the AMAs and I saw Cheng and his team are doing their best. Hey, I was doing my best too! I realized, the community members were doing their best too! Great things are possible when everyone is doing their best. I found the special sauce. It was the community. And with it, I felt an emotion. It's not fear. It's not even greed. It's hope. That's what fueled me. I knew the team and the community is great. I felt this time, I am ahead of everyone else.

The Positive Rant

I’ve learned crypto the hard way, been rekt more times than I can count. I've bought into every pamps. Leveraged my trades. I've bought into stupid projects. I've bought all hyped narratives. PoS bullshit with the ESG FUD, Metaverse bullshit, Triple A gaming bullshit, IoT bullshit, and many more. But I’m still here. And one day, I’ll write something every trader should know. For now, I’ll keep that a secret.

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