Weekly Ecosystem Update: A Comprehensive Guide to ALL Alephium Projects

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Weekly Ecosystem Update: A Comprehensive Guide to ALL Alephium Projects


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We've hit another market lull. But development in Alephium didn't slow down. Today, we are thrilled to announce that the Rhone upgrade for Testnet is officially out! YES TODAY! In light of this major event, we'll do our best to provide as much updates and as juicy as possible so you can make informed decisions and be able to take advantage of the opportunity. This is going to be very long one. So, here we go!



Alph.pro received funding from Blockflow Alliance DAO to cover 1 year infrastructure expenses. Without any delay, this boosted development making it a one-stop-shop for your DeFi tracking. Right now, they have implemented a subscription model at 5 ALPH per month.

From your subscription, you get to do the following:

  • Track total valuation of you wallet, including staking, pools and NFTs.

  • Track every token listed in Ayin in real time.

  • Track every added or removed liquidity in real time.

If trading is your bread and butter, this is a must-have subscription.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alphdotpro
Website: https://alph.pro/


Rakku is a free dexscreener that lets users track the price movements of coins listed on Ayin using a Tradingview chart. Their Rakku Coin NFT is designed for profit sharing. There are four rarities: White, Red, Blue, and Gold, each affecting the profit share amount. How much, you ask? Not a significant amount. According to the calculations provided, a Gold NFT would yield 0.29412%—yes, less than one-third of a percent. It might not be much, but an NFT that offers a steady income is still a valuable asset.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RakkuBetAleph
Website: https://rakku.vercel.app/dextools


Very similar with Rakku, except that they are tracking 32 chains with Alephium as their latest addition. There are no tokens or NFTs involved for this project as of writing. Keep an eye to their Twitter account. Because!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mobulaio
Website: https://mobula.io/chain/alephium

ALPH Trading Bot

This is the hottest tool right now. It's a Telegram bot that lets you place limit orders. Rainbow Fish (https://twitter.com/Rainbowfish98) is handling the marketing. According to our latest communication, they will submit a code audit to Cheng Wang to ensure the tool's security is top-notch.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alphtradingbot
Website: https://alphtradingbot.com/

Let's now move to the decentralized apps.



Ayin is ubiquitous. Their front team serves as a liaison to the developers, allowing them to focus on the platform's development. If you need any question whether a simple ones or very technical, they can assist you. Just dropby their Discord channel (https://discord.gg/VhrpYNHh) and get your inquiries be resolved. The main guy is Dr. Hiram, and Ron KDA is also helping with the inquiries.

The latest news was from the NGU-ALPH LP sunsetting. Most of it are now resolved, and if you're someone who needs help with your the aforementioned LP, go ahead and give them a ping.

Right now, they are working on adding new LPs. Projects must meet certain requirements to be listed. Essentially, project managers need to contact them to obtain these requirements. In my opinion, the closest one to getting listed is ALPHPAD. It has the second largest market cap in the ecosystem, and I've seen TinfoilCat (the developer behind ALPHPAD) reaching out on Discord.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayincoin, https://twitter.com/hiramabiffkas
Website: https://www.ayin.app/


The 2nd largest marketcap in the Alephium ecosystem. This is a launchpad. This is where projects can raise capital thru an ICO. Essentially, you get to fund a project right before it trades on AYIN. Of course, there are geo specific restrictions as ICOs are tricky. The very first project to launch an ICO is Seven Club (https://twitter.com/Seven_Club_777), more about it later on.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alphpad
Website: https://alphpad.com/


Formerly known as AlphBank, this project aims to become an overcollateralized stablecoin provider backed by Alephium. Similar to MakerDAO on the Ethereum blockchain and Kujira, it follows a comparable model. The whitepaper has been released, and a Telegram group (https://t.me/AlphBanX) has been created to engage with the community. This project is anticipated to materialize within the next four to five months.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alephiumbank
Website: https://www.alphbanx.com/


Alph.bet is a trustless, decentralized betting platform created and managed by Alephium Whale (G x G) (https://twitter.com/AlephiumWhale) from NTV (https://twitter.com/notrustverif). They have recently updated to a new version and it looks sleek!

Trustless is one of crypto's core principles. You may love and trust the people developing your projects, but the ABSENCE OF TRUST is next level. Meaning, you don't need anyone from the team to do your DeFi activity, you only needed to verify the code, and of course, know your assumptions.

Thus far, one of the most intriguing bets created pertains to Euro2024. Who will go to the finals of the UEFA Champions league, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich? I say, place your bets!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alphbet_, https://twitter.com/AlephiumWhale
Website: https://alph.bet/

Betify Protocol

This is a betting platform similar to ALPH.bet. They have been teasing how their UI/UX looks like and I'll say it again, it is sexy! Check the tweet here: (https://twitter.com/betifyprotocol/status/1779260565174554750). Again, this is a work in progress project. You can connect with them through their Discord server (https://t.co/06T0aIj7vC)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/betifyprotocol
Website: not yet publicized.

Linx OTC

From the creators of Linx Wallet (https://twitter.com/LinxWallet) and Red Linx (https://twitter.com/redlinx_xyz), Linx Labs.

From an April 13 post, looks like Red Linx will be rebranded to a different name and FlorisdBest decided to leave the project and solely focus on Linx Labs..

Linx OTC is building an OTC market where people can P2P trade. Yes, without an exchange involved. This is very essential to traders especially now that we are still very early, slippage is still a thing.

Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is actually executed. Such event happens primarily due to lack of liquidity.

PS. These project is a hackathon winner.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/linx_labs, https://twitter.com/FlorisdBest
Website: https://testnet.linxotc.com/ (testnet)


In my opinion, this is the next biggest thing for Alephium. This team has a history of success as they are an AMM DEX on Solana. Similar with Linx OTC, they are hackathon winners. Actually, INVARIANT IS OUR HACKATHON GRAND WINNER. (They won $15'000, the main prize).

They boast a DEX with CLAMM mechanism.

CLAMM or Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker is a liquidity model that allows liquidity providers (LPs) to allocate tokens within a specific price range. Currently with AYIN, if you provide LP, it will be utilized by the market so long as you are in a position. With CLAMM, you can set price range to where your LP will be used.

"Invariant_labs has tackled an extraordinarily hard problem and solved it very elegantly. It has implemented a high-quality, high-impact project very well in an impressively short timeframe." - Alephium

Twitter: https://twitter.com/invariant_labs
Website: https://invariant.app/swap (so far, just Solana)

Kleo Mixer

This is a fully decentralized protocol that help users anonymize their crypto transactions. They do this by mixing user's coins with those of other users, making it impossible to trace.

Here’s how they work: Imagine you’re at a party and you want to give a gift to a friend without anyone knowing it’s from you. So, you put your gift in a box along with gifts from other people. Then, all the gifts are mixed up and redistributed. Now, your friend receives a gift, but they can’t tell who it’s from because it could be from any of the people at the party. That’s essentially what a crypto mixer does with cryptocurrency transactions.

From my research, there seems to be two different kinds of mixers. Centralized and decentralized. Centralized mixers are companies that receive your crypto and send back different coins for a fee. While they offer an easy solution for mixing coins, they still present a privacy challenge, as the mixer itself will still have a record of your transaction.

The good news is, Kleo Mixer is decentralized and is now Live on main net. Also, their mixer fee has been drastically reduced from 120 to 10 $MIX tokens.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KleoMixer
Website: https://kleomixer.com/

Seven Club

This is the latest addition in the Alephium Ecosystem. It rewards viral social media posts (mainly on Twitter for Alephium) with their token. For those familiar with the social media mining project PoCoP from Ergo, this operates in a very similar way.

As mentioned earlier, they are the first to launch an ICO on ALPHPAD. Their whitelisting has now concluded and the ICO sale is now on going with 7 ALPH maximum purchase.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Seven_Club_777
Website: https://sevenclub.io/


Former Primate Protocol, this project boasts to be the first ever social network and task based marketplace on Alephium. I think of it as Fiverr, but decentralized. And the payments? Probably in Alephium! I haven't dug much from here as information are still yet limited. They are very active on Twitter and in Telegram (https://t.me/alphpost).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alphpost
Website: none yet.


Think of Alphaga as Deadrare, but decentralized. It is an NFT marketplace on Alephium that aims to reward token holders from the sales of NFT in their platform. They have unveiled their tokenomics (https://twitter.com/AlphagaMarket/status/1784601070339039366/photo/1) and their roadmap (https://twitter.com/AlphagaMarket/status/1784601086864544111). This project is still very young and we are excited to see how they will deliver.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlphagaMarket
Website: https://alphaga.app/

Whew. I know that was A LOT. I still owe you guys an edition for NFTs and MEMEs right? These are interesting to follow. NFTs are easy to cover, but again, the memes aren't! Very tricky in my honest opinion. (I'm so sorry!)

But to make this a comprehensive guide, let give give you-



Pyreplay aims to be NFT PVP Game/Betting Platform on Alephium. Our main guy here is none other than the Alph.Land dev, the creator of 3D Blockflow Visualizer (https://visualizer.alph.land/), a hackathon winner, Fugashu (https://twitter.com/fugashu_codes). I always say, I bet on the jockeys not the horses and this could be the best example of that. Of course, not financial advise.

Their Founders NFT is available on Deadrare (https://deadrare.io/collection/pyreplay-founder-cards). With a limited number of 777 mints, these NFTs offer unique benefits such as early access, exclusive event invitations, weekly rewards, increased rakeback, direct development impact and much more. Think of it as NFT that provides income. Yes, similar to Rakku NFTs. (Maybe not fair to say that because Founder's NFTs came in first, but you get the point.)

The very first game is called Battleship. Fugashu has been doing serious backend testing since the announcement of Pyreplay and is keeping us updated on a weekly basis. Keep your eyes peeled on this project.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PyreplayDotCom, https://twitter.com/fugashu_codes
Website: https://www.pyreplay.com/


This project aims to be a DAO governed by NFTs (Talers and Rockets) and their token $LFG. They have a war chest that is being managed in a decentralized way (with voting) and collaborates with projects to lock LPs with. From their Twitter post, let me provide you a quick introduction to $LFG.

Supply / Ownership:
▸ 7 million coins, 100% community-owned.
▸ 85% circulating, 15% held by the community treasury.

▸ 80% of total liquidity provided by individual community members.
▸ 20% provided by the Community Treasury, locked forever.

▸ Voting power in the upcoming DAO.
▸ Revenue sharing in upcoming services.
▸ Services utilizing $LFG.

There's more to it than the $LFG. Join their telegram group (https://t.me/amolyusgroup).

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amolyus
Website: none yet.

What The Duck

Developed by the creator of Alph.Pro, 0xReed (https://twitter.com/0x_reed), "What the Duck" is an NFT game where you can bet $BREAD tokens against your opponent if you own one of the 128 Duck NFTs. The game also features live staking of the mentioned token on their website. It's fascinating to follow where this project is going, especially considering ducks lay eggs, right? While 128 ducks might seem too few to generate significant interest in the $BREAD token, just imagine the possibilities... But let's not get ahead of ourselves with speculation.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alph_ducks
Website: https://quack-attack.theducklounge.com/


Dragon has transitioned to a "lottery" system, offering daily giveaways for Alephium NFT and token holders. This change from annual to daily rewards aims to combat issues with bots and fake accounts, ensuring genuine supporters to have a fair chance. The project, despite limited funds, supports the community by purchasing giveaway items from Deadrare using their own funds. They have their own token $DRAGON so ahead and check them out.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alph_dragon
Website: https://alphdragon.com/

Gold Castle Club

The core idea of this project is that you use NFTs to form alliances on chain. You can also offer to pay $GOLD (their token) which if accepted will make another player swear his NFT to your NFT for an agreed upon time. By combining NFTs like this, a sort of 'army' or 'nation' is formed, combining the stats of individual NFTs. These can then be used in the game to try and win wars. A more in depth explanation can be found on https://docs.goldcastle.club/.

The game itself is still in development, but all the smart contracts are already deployed and can be used on the website. The latest addition was the staking contract for $GOLD. Each contract doubles as an NFT. It starts as an egg. When you feed $GOLD to the egg, the NFT actually changes/evolves into a baby dragon. This increases the APR and changes the NFT image and stats. Currently, you can evolve the staking NFT 2 times. You can also wait on the evolution, so that at the end of this time period the evolve cost will be significantly less. Staking or minting a dragon egg is available on https://mine.goldcastle.club/.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoldCastleClub
Website: https://goldcastle.club/

Alright. I'm sure there are still a lot to cover. But hopefully, this is enough to keep you busy!

Let me know which ones to add in my research list!

That said, this is just a guide to get you started with your research.

Thank you for joining me today, and good luck on your research!

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