1 ALPH = $100: Not a Meme

Do you know why Alephians keep saying “1 $Alph = $100 isn’t a meme”?

Get comfortable, grab a coffee, and I’ll explain it to you.


Disclaimer: This isn't a thread written in a technical way that might overwhelm you. There are many great threads explaining the core tech if you want the info. My intention is to explain the bull case of $Alph, and this doesn't mean ALPH will go to $100.

Okay, let's start.

1. What is Alephium?

You know Bitcoin is secure. Ethereum is decentralized. Solana is scalable. Put all three into a blender, and now you get a new layer one named Alephium.

Three things can't coexist in blockchain. It is called the trilemma of blockchain. They are:

  1. Security

  2. Decentralization

  3. Scalability

ALPH broke the stereotype.

2. Bet on the jockey, not the horse (The Team)

Founder - Cheng Wang, he proposed the first linear-time async Byzantine consensus algorithm.

If you wonder what that is:

There's a problem called Byzantine fault in distributed computing (BC). He proposed an efficient solution for it.

And the core team of Alephium is well-experienced and talented. So, I compiled some pictures of the CEO, COO, CMO, and CPO with their experience.

3. Rhone Upgrade

ALPH has gone through multiple network upgrades since inception. But Rhone elevates the Alephium blockchain to the next level.

I have written a whole thread about the Rhone upgrade. Since keeping this article simple is my goal, watch this summary.

4. ASIC Miners

Do you know how much it costs to design an ASIC miner?


The biggest manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining servers @BITMAINtech will be making miners for ALPH. Do you think a big company will invest this amount of money, time, and labor in an entity that will disappear due to narrative hype?

(The cost is more than Alephium's current market cap)

5. ASIC growth comparison

Let's compare what KAS did after Bitmain started making ASIC miners for KASPA.


Price has rallied more than 1000%, from 400 million MC to 4 billion. Note that currently, ALPH is at a 150 million market cap.

6. Ecosystem

The adoption of a chain can be measured through its chain activity and development. There are several Dapps live on ALPH, and many more are in development, thanks to their hackathon. The ALPH ecosystem is growing daily and gives early SOL vibes.


7. Price comparison

What is a bull case article without a price comparison chart (haha)? Shall we compare it with some (dead) chains in the top 30?


If they could reach that high without an actual product, adoption, innovation, or activity, why can't ALPH with everything?

That's all for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading and understand why ALPH has a better chance to be a top contender.

Have a nice day, fam.

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