Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Newsletter

Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Newsletter


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First, I want to tell you guys that I am really, really having a hard time getting started with writing this Newsletter. Not for bad reasons, though. It's because there are A LOT of things I want to share. Really, really bullish news that I just received! I have 3 big pieces of news. I am not kidding you guys; these are confirmed facts, and I verified them myself and TWO of these big news items involve our team, "the gazette," or, in other words, we will play a role.

HOWEVER. (Okay, stick with me, don't cuss me, hold it, okay?) I just can't say it yet. BUT, I promise this is BIG. I am @trdrmorz on twitter, and I swear it is big. So this newsletter may be or may not be about the three I am referring to. Okay?

Whew! What a way to start a newsletter. For today, I've divided the newsletter into 3 parts.

Starting with the ecosystem projects to stay in-the-know.


First, testnet launch is on the way. Their WL is being locked in as we speak. I know that because Kylian already took the Twitter and Discord names of the WL winners days ago.

Second, we all know they are partnered with APAD, however, there are no specific details about the launch YET. If you wanted to get involved but couldn't secure a whitelist slot from the giveaways, this is not financial advice, but I think securing 150k APAD would be a smart move. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Third, these folks will be attending the very first Alephium Builder's Meet up in Athens. To those who doesn't know what the meet up is for, it is a Developers meeting that aims to discuss among each other what other dApps can be built post-Rhone Upgrade. This to me hints that they are preparing for the future of Alephium. I've said this before, I bet on the jockeys, not on the horses. These are the jockeys I am betting on and that's personal, again, not financial advise.


First, if you haven't seen their website yet, you can check it out here: There's the roadmap section there I suggest you also give it a good look.

And as we can see, the Token Launch is set Q2 2024. Today marks the end of Q2 2024, which means, you guys need to keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.


The dog is out and will sniff those rugs! Wait, what? Erm.. This should explain it. 😅


So for the quants out there who are still in the sidelines, and tryna find ways to measure decentralization of the network, No Trust Verify in partnership with Pushvalue has launched Alephium World. This is a critical tool as it gives new investors confidence.


They are cooking. This post alone reached 24k views. To put that into perspective, the official Alephium handle has 36.8k followers. That means, almost everyone on Alephium has their attention.


ICYMI, let me put this UP here. And from what it looks like, it maybe and orderbook dex.


The OG-est meme of them all, $ALF, can now be wrapped so you could trade it efficiently on the dex. $WALF


Speaking of memes, keep your eyes peeled for $CHENG v2 launch. You guys know me as someone who is personally more concentrated on DEFI stuff, and this one is DEFI but I cant give out details yet. The official announcement will be coming from them, so please forgive me, I am only here to point some attention nothing more, nothing less. (or spread rumors, if you want to put it that way. lol)


DEFI, DEFI, DEFI. Here's another drop: So Dogwifbat gave us the sniffer, now Alph Trading Bot giving us the Sniper! 🎯

"We finished the sniper beta and I recommended team to add you to the beta test group. I hope you can try out the sniper first and give us recommendation as an user." -Rainbow Fish

I asked permission with Fish if I can quote her from our most recent conversation. And she said YES! (erm.. dont misinterpret this guys, I didnt propose. Lol.) I will be beta testing the sniper and will give you guys an update!


He never stopped cooking. Amolyus recently launched the website, updated the treasury funds, and now has launched a channel on their discord that has generative AI accessible to everyone. 500 prompts per user per month! Head out to the channel and use / imagine.

Linx OTC

Another ICYMI: Their OTC Lending is already on the testnet. To our DEFI babies, there are a lot of strategies that will open up once this launches. One of which is LEVERAGED TRADING. Although not exactly how you would trade on CEXes but putting your ALPH as collateral to borrow USDT and using that to buy more ALPH is leveraged trading. I hope we can see tutorials of this soon!

Now for the second part.

The Ambassadors' Program

There are various contents that you will start seeing from now on. We will be doing some interviews with them as well so you guys get to know our ambassadors. But for now, I will give you a list of twitter handles and I hope we can hold our hands together in making this super successful.

Oh btw, check out this $ALPH video from Buy The Dip (

Now for the last part.

Schedule of coming events.

We all wanted to be part of the bigger success of crypto adoption. But adoption is a slow cooking process. The more ingredients put together slowly cooked for a very long time gives you unmatched flavor. I know that because I am a home cook and I used to own a restaurant and once ran the kitchen for 9 months. (its true!)

With that said, here's our calendar of events:

No. 1: June 4th 6PM CEST - Maud will present Alephium at the University of Zürich

No. 2: June 5th 5PM CEST - Maud & Vlad will present Alephium @ Uphold's institutional webinar

No. 3: Rhone Upgrade!

No. 4: June 21-23rd - Athens Builders meetup!

It's a lot to take in, I know. Just wait for those BIG news, okay? I'll name them BIG NEWS #1, #2, and #3 in small, chewable bites so we don't choke. Lol.

Also if you have time over the weekend, check out our last blog about Understanding DEFI in ALPH. Link

Thanks for joining me today! Happy weekend. 🥂

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