Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Update

Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Update


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It has been an amazing week! Once again, the ecosystem has grown significantly, especially in the DeFi sector. If you want to review the previous newsletter to get acquainted to all the projects we're going to mention here, please head out to: Weekly Ecosystem Update: A Comprehensive Guide to ALL Alephium Projects. Today we're going to highlight the most impactful updates from the past 7 days to keep you informed and up-to-date. Take note, we will not cover Rhone Upgrade here as it requires a whole separate blog. With that said, let's get in to it!


Alph Trading Bot

Trading bots have been utilized in other chains for a considerable time, particularly for trading memetokens. In chains with a larger meme scene, trading bots are essential, as half of meme traders use telegram bots exclusively and do not interact directly with decentralized exchanges. Alephium trading bot is an essential project for our chain too as its mere existence signifies mass adoption and signals the approach of meme season.

Many trading bots in the market are developed by anon devs. For example, Maestro Bot, which has a lifetime volume of $6 billion. It was believed they earn from fees and have an incentive to work in good faith in the long term.

I've talked to Rainbow Fish with regards to this matter. And honestly, I was a bit hesitant at first. As a former BTC maxi now turned ALPH maxi, I've always been skeptical about letting my assets be held by a custodian. But I've been thinking about it thoroughly, even though these are considerably black boxes, operated by unknown people, with unverified codes, it makes me think how is this any different from me trading on some CEXes? What if I just let it hold my asset for a quick limit order to grab those millisecond AYIN dips? Or what if I just wanted to snipe some fresh meme tokens?

Regardless, the team has planned to have their contract audited. This is very essential for custodial dapps as it eliminates potential future hacks, future difficulties in withdrawals, loss of funds, and potential front running of trades.

Today, I can clearly see the point. Even though this is a not your keys not your wallet kind of scenario, this shouldn't hurt me if I only trade an amount I'm comfortable to lose. This is not financial advice btw. Both me and Rainbow Fish will tell you to act accordingly and responsibly.

Today, they have launched their utility NFT on Deadrare.
The NFT allows you to :

  • Receive a 20% share of the revenue from trading fees for lifetime.

  • Receive a 20% share of advertising revenue through the Trending Channel and Buy Bot for life time.

  • Enjoy priority access to advanced features at the highest speed (ex: Sniper function)

  • Be allowed to vote to make important decisions in the AlphTradingBot ecosystem.

As always, still, please conduct precaution in trading, and conduct your own due diligence when using any custodial platforms. Other than that, I believe this is a BIG step forward into growth.


LinxOTC's P2P Swap

If there's something you've noticed about my articles and write-ups, I've always, ALWAYS mentioned LinxOTC. And this week, they delivered. We all now can do P2P swaps on the Alephium mainnet. It's a risk-free OTC trading without any custodian. This is only made possible through Alephium's atomic swap.

Based on the Twitter discussions, it appears that the team is planning another upgrade to transition from using Public Keys to utilizing wallet addresses, with some guidance from Cheng.

The ease of use of this P2P swap is just amazing. I've personally tried it the moment it went live and made a quick video out of it. If you want to check it out, you can click this post from a couple of days ago.

And that's not the end of it. Along with the P2P swaps going live on the mainnet, they've also announced that somewhere this coming week, they will launch OTC Lending on the TESTNET! 🚀

Our Ecosystem is growing so much that we have builders to even compete to each other.

  • There are visible hints from the ALPH OGs who are 'in-the-know' that significant development is underway on AYIN. Meanwhile, Swapa, a ve33 DEX, is also emerging.

  • We are aware that Alphbanx has been working on ALPH-backed stables, and suddenly, Alendium has appeared, potentially aiming to capture market share as well. (More on Alphbanx later.)

  • Deadrare, the most established NFT marketplace in the Alephium ecosystem, now faces competition from Alphaga, a decentralized NFT market. (More on this later.)

  • We now have name services like Alephium Name Service and Alph.Life. Lets not forget, there was also another naming service from the Hackathon that has presented their MVP using Diomark as an example in their presentation. Was that Tech Headroom's project? Let me know in the comments!

  • Social DApps like AlphPost and Seven Club has emerged in the ecosystem. While these two are not direct competitors, they both aim to establish a presence in the social sector. (More on this later.)

  • Here's something you can't miss out. Our first hackathon's grand winner, Invariant_Lab's CLAMM.

The term “ve (3, 3)” refers to a unique tokenomics design in decentralized finance (DeFi) that aims to optimize incentives for various actors involved in decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It was first proposed by Andre Cronje and combines elements from two different DeFi innovations.

The “ve” part comes from “vote escrowed”, an innovation introduced by Curve Finance. In this system, token holders are encouraged to lock their tokens in exchange for vote-escrowed tokens (veTokens), which provide increased rewards and voting power.

The “(3, 3)” part references a game theory framework used by OlympusDAO. In this system, users can sell, bond, or stake their assets, and the (3, 3) represents the best possible outcome of this scenario.

In a ve (3, 3) DEX, these two concepts are combined. The goal is to balance long-term incentives between liquidity providers, token holders, ecosystem projects, and DEXs. This approach addresses several issues with traditional DEXs, such as the dilution of rewards, lack of protocol loyalty, and inefficient liquidity provision.

source: Understanding ve(3,3). How it evolved, how it works, and where… | by Joe Morgan | Illini Blockchain | Medium


AlphPad doing launchpad things! Following the most recent $777 token launch by Seven Club, AlphPad has now formed a partnership with Alphaga. It is important to note that this is an actual partnership. Therefore, if you are already staking 150,000 APAD tokens, you are automatically whitelisted.

We, the Alephium Gazette, have also partnered with ALPHAGA to distribute 10 whitelist spots, however, this event has already concluded. If you missed that one, there are several ALPH enthusiasts that have been granted whitelist spots, so be sure to check them out. (Notable mentions include AlphTradingBot, Reed, and Alephium Insight.)

Also, just a segway- I've seen one meme token launching on AlphPad called $GIGA. Try checking that out and conduct due diligence.


From the latest announcement, the $POST token will launch on ALPHPAD. Once again, partnerships were forged. If you are already staking 150,000 APAD tokens, you are automatically whitelisted.


Please review the AlphBanX Architectural Scheme. It is noteworthy that numerous details have been integrated. One significant addition is the Oracle rate feeds. The previous version lacked this feature, making it intriguing to see how they can manage operations without an oracle initially. But of course, this has changed entirely.

Oracles play a crucial role. They enable smart contracts to "see" and comprehend real-world events. The most prominent use case for this is price feeds.

This is also in-line with the latest update from the most recent AMA with Uphold and Maud, that Maps and Oracles are coming. 🚀

We're not done yet.

Please check out some of these hot news as they are also equally important to remain in the know:

Alephium Builders Meetup at Athens & BlockFlow Alliance DAO is sponsoring the builders!

NTV TipALPH Milestone!

Goldshell Miners' ALBOX units are being shipped to customers!

MAPS what, you say?

Uhm.. CEX please?

Or we Uphold it?

There you have it! Thanks for joining me today. Our team is doing our very best to keep you updated. For daily updates, follow us on Twitter at For weekly updates, is the place to be! The weekly newsletter should be enough to give you a boost!

Happy weekend to all! See you on the next one. 🥰

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