Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Newsletter

Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Newsletter


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Starting next week, Monday, we will be sending end-of-day updates (EODs) to keep everyone informed about Alephium. This aligns with our commitment to streamline sharing of information and to and keep everyone updated and involved. There may be days when I can't send an update, especially if I'm out with family, but we should expect to see these EODs regularly. Our weekly newsletter will stay the same, jampacked with updates and commentaries.

Also, we now have a Telegram Channel that broadcasts our Tweets and Blogs instantly, so you'll never miss a thing! Join here:

If you wanna go FULL 120mph, you can follow me on my main account @trdrmorz on twitter and join me make some noise. I sometimes do posts price charts in there. So if that's your thing, do give me a follow. I guess it's fair to say, the Gazette is all you need.

Lets get with the updates!

Alephium x Mario Nawfal's Spaces

If you tuned in to this spaces with Mario, you'll notice Alex (who is speaking on behalf of AYIN, hired from a BIG marketing firm) mentioned Alephium Gazette at least three times. He also gave some pre-ALPHas but held back nicely to avoid oversharing. It is safe to say everyone is keen to learn more about what AYIN has in store. These AYIN alpha drops are the most anticipated news in the ecosystem right now. Remember, if Alephium is secured and fast DEFI, then the biggest DAPP and the ONLY DEX on the ecosystem will be undoubtedly the most valued token.

If you weren't able to tune in or came a little late, no worries! We have the recording available at the tweet above.

Again, AYIN shared some pre-ALPHas. This is currently the biggest and hottest topic right now at cryptoverse level, not just within our ecosystem. I suggest you tune in to the recording.

ALPH Getting More Exposure

Coingecko published a very nice and very informative blog about Alephium! They also gave shoutouts to our ecosystem projects. Thank you, Coingecko!

Uphold Institutional x Alephium

This call may not benefit everyone, but putting this up here lets you know that Uphold will cater ALPH institutional investors.


Maud presented Alephium at the UZH Blockchain Center! I guess for any L1 blockchain, there's no such thing as over-marketing. What an amazing work brought to you by the agile team of Alephium.

Hey Vlad, Maud, and Blockflow Alliance DAO, thank you for all the hardwork! ๐Ÿฅ‚

You'll notice ALPH EXPOSURE has been the theme of the week. But this is only the start as there are MOOOOORE in the pipeline being worked on.

Now let's head out to the Ecosystem projects:

AlphBanx unveiled their Asset Flow Diagram

I also learned today that they will be attending the Athen's dev meet up. And this insinuates that they are solid ALPH bulls, they will deliver, and is future-proofing their DAPP. BULLISH. ๐Ÿš€

GIGACHENG's $CHENG V2 Successfully Launched

We also released our interview with BASED DEV, please check it out! Here.

Pyreplay's Battleship pre-alpha Test

Fugashu, along with dedicated fans and friends, will be beta-testing Battleship over the weekend. For now, it is a closed-group test. If you are interested in joining, please coordinate with Fugashu.


There's nothing much to say anymore (that can be shared) but please, do pay attention. There has been a lot of easter eggs and excitement is brewing. Please join us on the most eventful time of our life. Two cycles in crypto and yes, this is the biggest so far.

Note: At the time of writing, Dr. Hiram posts "4". But by the time you're reading this, it could already be.. 3! or... 2! Cheers ๐Ÿฅ‚


I know I've just recently shared this tweet. But keep your eyes peeled on this one. ๐Ÿ‘€

I guess this is it for today. Today, I am sending our weekly newsletter one day earlier as I would be out somewhere tomorrow. I am still reachable and will still be online from time to time so don't hesitate to ping me for any updates or inquiries. Cheers everyone!

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