Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Recap

Alephium Ecosystem Weekly Recap


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Whew, what a week! So many things happened to the ecosystem. And with the recent introduction of ASICs and the accompanying rise in hashrates, the dynamics have certainly become more intriguing than they were just a few weeks ago. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to keep a broader overview of all things Alephium. Let's kick things off with a recap:

#EcosystemUpdate recap from April 21

  • AlphPad has successfully launched after months of preparation.

  • Linx Labs' P2P lending platform is undergoing final touches before reaching its next milestone.

  • Fugashu's rigorous testing on Pyreplay, including unit testing, is being conducted to ensure the app's security and functionality.

  • AlphBank has rebranded to AlphBanX and has a new website.

  • Betify Protocol has completed its documentation and roadmap.

  • Rakku has been approved for the AWS Startup Activate Program, enabling them to scale their infrastructure and has sold out their utility NFT.

  • KleoMixer officially launched on main net.

  • Amolyus kickstarting the Telegram channel called "The Underground".

I've seen growth since this last update, you know me—I'm always glued to my computer, keeping an eye on every little thing happening in the ecosystem. Here are my three takeaways that I think will make the biggest impact.

#1 AlphPad's Launchpad

Now that we have successfully established a platform to facilitate secure and seamless fundraising for projects, it might seem expected that numerous launches would occur. However, to date, there have been none.

Why is this the case? We can account for several factors that contribute to this situation, including the broader macroeconomic environment and a general cooling-off period in the crypto-verse. Additionally, this may be closely linked to Alephium's culture of prioritizing a "Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first" approach. The principle is to avoid fundraising prior to having an MVP. ALPHPAD itself exemplifies this approach.

It is also worth considering that projects which were developed on Alephium Pre-AlphPad Era had already secured funding independently. Furthermore, the recent allocation of multiple grants by the Blockflow Alliance DAO underscores the fact that our developers are motivated by passion rather than merely issuing tokens and burdening holders with promises.

There is a time for everything: a time to build, a time for marketing, and a time to issue tokens. We have seen the success of this launchpad by making APAD (their very own token) the very first to launch. This serves as a testament that if a project has done proper planning and execution, success, in this context, appears inevitable. This is what excites me—I am continually on the lookout for projects that emulate AlphPad's approach, and I eagerly anticipate the first to do so.

#2 Linx Labs' P2P Lending Platform

Alephium represents the Future of DeFi. And so it is very obvious that DeFi DApps will be massively utilized soon as it becomes available here. Linx Labs are the developers behind Linx Wallet, Linx OTC and RedLinx. I have embedded hyperlinks to those apps for reference but just a head's up, Linx OTC is still on test net.

The peer-to-peer lending platform empowers direct trades without the need for third-party custody, embodying the core principles of cryptocurrency. The presence of this DApp enhances Alephium by reinforcing these foundational principles.

With Linx Labs, not just particular with P2P lending platform, it could potentially unlock multiple strategies for defi activities.

#3 Fugashu's Pyreplay

Modern cryptocurrency is not about just the first principles alone, it's also about having a bit of fun. The creator has an exceptional track record of success, consistently delivering outstanding products from the outset. For further insights into his achievements and methodologies, please visit his Twitter profile by clicking this link: Fugashu. Also, he shares updates on all the progress he's made throughout the week, and I recommend you take a moment to check it out by clicking here.

I am excited about how the potential of this project to bring forth fun, camaraderie and healthy competition within the community. The introduction of engaging and entertaining games is likely to attract more attention, drawing individuals from other ecosystems to utilize and interact with the blockchain. Furthermore, these games can open new avenues for marketing. Live streamers will be empowered with new contents and viewers will be compelled to be part of this movement.

Final Thoughts...

There are so many more dapps I'd love to talk about, but this highlight is just my personal top three picks for this week! We've got a platform for project developers, a platform to empower users, and, of course, a platform for having loads of fun.

We'd also love for you to cover DApps in the ecosystem and we'll feature them in our Community Blogs. We are excited to kickstart this movement and are hopeful that our ecosystem will gain extensive coverage from passionate community members.

We're hoping to see you cover favorite dapps!

As always, thank you for joining me this weekend!

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