Discover AlphBanX: The Future of ALPH

Discover AlphBanX: The Future of ALPH

The ALPH Network & ecosystem has grown on a huge scale since I first heard the name. AYIN DeX was one of the reasons for the ALPH ecosystem to flourish. Similarly, here’s why I think AlphBanX will be the next key contender to elevate ALPH’s standards.


What is AlphBanX?

The first overcollateralized stable coin DeFi protocol on Alephium, leveraging an innovative borrowing and Liquidation Auctioning System. In simple terms, you might know $DAI. AlphBanX is the same concept as DAI but better.

Let me explain…

1. Locked suitcase inside a vault is more secure.

This means, if a product is built on an already highly secured environment, then the product will be more secure. Similarly, AlphBanX is built on ALPH, a highly secured PoW chain. So this gives an added advantage on the security front for projects in this niche where security is a key component. This elevates user trust, which leads to adoption.

2. Multiple mechanisms to protect the stability of $ABD.

$ABX is their platform token and $ABD will be the stable coin of AlphBanX. The major problem with a decentralized stable coin is protecting its peg in extremely volatile market conditions.

What does AlphBanX have up its sleeve to overcome this?

  1. Auctions

  2. AMMs and DEXs

  3. Redemption option

As the intention of this article isn't to discuss the in-depth workings of this innovative protocol, you can check this blog by Mowreez for additional info on how AlphBanX solves the issues associated with decentralized stable coins and protecting the peg.

3. Additional Features.

As already mentioned, AlphBanX has Auction and Borrowing services. You could obtain a loan amounting to as much as 58% of your collateral's worth. And with Stake and Earn, you could deposit $ABX to receive discounts on borrowing fees and deposit $ABD to earn yield.

4. Extra benefits than it's competitors.

🔘No Credit Checks

🔘Extra Privacy and Security

🔘Quick Access to Funds

🔘Flexible Repayment

5. Pleasant user experience.

The existing stable coin protocols couldn't be more complex for average users. Due to this complexity, people avoid DeFi and prefer centralized options where security and privacy are big question marks.

So AlphBanX identified the cause of this problem and fixed it by providing an easy-to-use user interface where even beginners won't have any problems using it on their own. Their interface allows users to manage their loans, debts, auctions, and staking positions seamlessly.


Okay... Enough said about the protocol and why it's better than the projects in the same niche. Let's have a look at why I said "AlphBanX will be the next key contender to elevate ALPH’s standards".

✅Attracting Liquidity.

A stable coin protocol would bring more liquidity from other chains as it enables borrowing for their wrapped assets and other native assets. So DeFi farmers would bridge more assets to enjoy the benefits that AlphBanX provides.

More TVL = Number goes up.

✅More earning opportunities.

Services like stake and earn, and yield farming give more opportunities to average people to earn interest on assets sitting idle in their wallets. And with the new decentralized stable coin, there will be more pools and more pairs for people to provide liquidity. So providing these opportunities brings more value to the ecosystem of a chain as a whole.

✅Flourishing Ecosystem.

As AlphBanX provides a way to earn more on users' idle assets, people would invest more in projects launching on the ALPH Chain. With more capital on the table, the gateway to innovation on ALPH will be widened. Many exciting and innovative projects will be built on Alephium.


Adoption isn't about how many projects pop up on a chain daily. It's about how long people continue to use the chain for day-to-day activities. So protocols like AlphBanX make people stick to the chain as they have more to offer than any other projects.

That's a wrap for this article.

I asked, "Whom should I cover in the ALPH ecosystem?" a few days ago, and most people suggested looking into AlphBanX. I hope this article has provided some value to you all. If you like my content, follow me on Twitter.

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