Mid-Week Update from the Alephium Gazette

Mid-Week Update from the Alephium Gazette


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Hello, Alephium enthusiasts! It’s time for our mid-week update to keep you informed on the latest buzz in the blockchain space. Let’s dive in!

Mining News: ALPH’s first ASIC miner!

Goldshellminer has unveiled the AL BOX, a home-friendly ASIC miner designed to enhance your ALPH mining capabilities boasting 360G/180w. You can expect this box to run silently at 35db similar to their design for other algorithms. This is a significant leap forward for ALPH’s growing ecosystem.

ICO Launchpad ALERT: $NOODZ ICO Launchpad Imminent

The ICO launchpad from $NOODZ is going to be live the following days, and the very first token to launch there is the $SHIO token.

Gaming News: What The Duck Fully Launched

Alph_duck’s much-anticipated game, What The Duck, has officially taken flight with features like Duck Battles and Staking.

Project Milestone: Amolyus' $LFG Stage 2

Congratulations to Amolyus for completing Stage 2 of $LFG. We’re ready for the next stage! To learn more about the project, check out the tweet below.

Innovation Grant: Dogwifbat's RugSniffer

With a grant from Blockflow Alliance DAO, the RugSniffer project is well underway, promising to bring new solutions to the community.

New Project #1: Betify

Their team is betting on innovation with their new platform. Get ready to revolutionize your gaming experience so keep an eye on this one!

New Project #2: Root Finance

Being developed by Intrepid_crypto, is aiming to root itself firmly in the ecosystem! Root Finance is a decentralized finance protocol covering lending and assets.

A Farewell: MetaPool Closure Announcement

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce MetaPool, your trusted mining pool, will cease operations in 2 weeks.

Staking Opportunities: Bitrue Staking Pool

In a move to further bolster the $ALPH ecosystem, Bitrue has launched a staking pool for $ALPH. This provides a fantastic opportunity for holders to earn reward.

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