Strategic Crypto Investing EP2: Advantages of New wBTC and wETH Pools on the AYIN DEX

Strategic Crypto Investing EP2: Advantages of New wBTC and wETH Pools on the AYIN DEX


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The blog will outline a sophisticated but sound strategy by combining hedging and yield farming in the Alephium ecosystem using the AYIN DEX focusing on wBTC and ALPH. While this strategy is grounded in sound financial principles of hedging and liquidity provision, it carries risks typical of DeFi activities, such as exchange security, bridge vulnerabilities, and market volatility. Yield figures provided should be cross-checked with current data from the AYIN DEX platform.

This will boost liquidity and TVL in the ecosystem by opening up new strategies.

Liquidity and Total Value Locked (TVL) in DeFi ecosystems are significantly influenced by protocols that attract capital. Great examples of which include LP yield farming, interest rates on lending pools, and loan auctions. By introducing new strategies for hedging and generating yield, we can attract more users and increase both liquidity and TVL. We've seen this trend in other DeFi ecosystems with similar features.

Hedge Strategy with wBTC

For instance, if you are a hedge fund manager, you can buy SPOT wBTC and at the same time open an unleveraged short position of equivalent value in futures. This approach mitigates exposure to drawdowns regardless of market direction.

This strategy, often referred to as a "hedge," aims to protect against market volatility by holding offsetting positions. If the spot wBTC appreciates, the short futures position will lose value, and vice versa, allowing the investor to earn yield when placed as an LP on a DEX with wBTC while being protected from significant losses due to price drops. This is a well-known hedging technique used in traditional and crypto markets.

Specific Allocation and Strategy

Goal: To allocate funds into spot wBTC, open a wBTC short futures position, buy spot ALPH, then participate in the AYIN DEX to earn yield.

Here’s how:

Let's assume you have $1,000 in fiat currency.

  1. Allocate 33% ($333) to buy spot wBTC and bridge it to the Alephium main chain.

  2. Open a BTC/USDT short position on a central exchange with the same amount ($333). The closer this position is to your average spot BTC buying price, the better.

  3. Buy ALPH worth $333 and transfer it to the main chain.

  4. Earn yield on AYIN DEX by pairing $333 wBTC with $333 ALPH LP and staking the LP on AYIN's staking protocol.

Your positions will be:

  1. $333 spot wBTC (long)

  2. $333 futures BTC/USDT (short)

  3. $333 spot ALPH (long)

Potential Yield:

Your yield will be distributed as AYIN. Assuming AYIN's price remains the same for 1 year, and APY remains 60%, your $666 LP will earn $400. This is just a simplification since impermanent losses are also a factor to consider. You may use this calculator if you wish to explore further. (By the way, I am not a member of the Illuminati. 🔼)

LP Calculator:

Risks and Opportunities

  1. Risks:

    • Bankruptcy or crash of the exchange: This is a real risk. Centralized exchanges (CEXs) have faced issues such as hacks, insolvency, and regulatory shutdowns. Using a reputable exchange minimizes, but does not eliminate, this risk.

    • Bridge risks: Cross-chain bridges are known points of failure and have been exploited in various incidents across the DeFi ecosystem. The good news is that, although ETH's wormhole bridge has faced flash loan attacks, this is not possible on the Alephium side because it uses a UTxO-based model. Cheng Wang kept this in mind when designing Alephium.

The strategy we're talking about here doesn't involve leveraging the short position. If you decide to leverage it, you're taking on the risk of liquidation. Remember, the crypto market is super volatile, and adding leverage means you could lose a third of your position.

  1. Opportunities:

    • Open-sourcing and code audits: Open-source protocols and regular audits increase transparency and security, making the protocol more attractive to users.

    • Trustless yield payouts: Decentralized and automated payouts increase user trust and reduce operational risks.

    • Leverage on ALPH: Offering leveraged positions can enhance yield but also increases the complexity and risk profile of the strategy. This is something we could see on ALPH soon with the help of some T1 CEXes and AlphBanX.

Final Thoughts..

While individual investors often pursue higher returns and take more risks, hedge fund managers typically prioritize capital preservation and steady returns. Whichever type of investor you are, AYIN's new LP pair for wBTC and wETH will be your best friend.

Thank you for joining me. I hope you found this content engaging and informative. follow Alephium Gazette on twitter. I'll see you on the next one.

Happy DeFi Trading! 🥂

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